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The Spectrum to Achieving Good Skin

We all want it. Glowing skin. But how do we get it? For some, it’s luck and genetics. For others, they have to work HARD at it. It may be not be fair, but it is achievable. After 9 years in the aesthetics world, I’ve seen a patient’s skin do a complete 180 turn around. Those are the days I leave the office feeling truly accomplished. Here are some general suggestions based on age groups I see in practice:

Teens: Acne, please go away…

Teens are plagued by acne (and sometimes, even in future decades). This is usually dependent on diet, sleep, face washing and HORMONES. Starting with good skincare and am/pm face washing is important. I always suggest a probiotic supplement and make sure they are getting enough water. For those who are dealing with really tough acne issues, I have been extremely impressed with Sciton’s laser acne protocol that includes weekly treatments once a week for 6 weeks using a laser spectrum that kills off the acne bacteria. This is a great laser for teens as it does not involve down time at all. This gives our patients clearer skin so that their skin care and good habits can take them into maintaining acne free skin.

20’s: Collagen is slowing down…

Yep, that’s right. Your collagen is ALREADY slowing down. What?! This is not the time to panic but to start believing in one of our favorite words “maintenance.” Often patients I see in this age group are beginning to get regular medical grade facials every 4 to 6 weeks and using medical grade skincare. Dependent on genetics, patients in this age group may be considering Botox in small amounts for prevention of wrinkles and static lines.

30’s: What is that wrinkle there?

It may be 1-2 gray hairs and now, gasp, a wrinkle. You swore that wasn’t there yesterday. This is the time where facials and skincare are a must. Patients in this age group are starting to think about Botox regularly to prevent wrinkles. I often will suggest a medium depth chemical peel 1-2 times yearly for cell turnover and glow. This is why I love The Perfect Peel that offers only a couple days of shedding so scheduling around social events is easy. Lasers like photofacials that offer little downtime can greatly help with sun damage that built up in our 20s.

40’s: Can we turn back the clock…just a little?

We may not admit it, but we feel like life is catching up to us. We are busy in our jobs, running after kids, being a taxi, or just plain stressed. And stress can wear on your skin. Just like all decades, some relaxation and A LOT of water consumption alone can do wonders for how we look and feel. This is the decade I often suggest to my patients a combination of Botox, fillers and resurfacing options. Light resurfacing options include deeper chemical peels, microneedling and lasers. I am a big fan of microneedling and resurfacing lasers like our Sciton Profractional for collagen growth and tone/texture improvement. By doing some of the “lighter,” less downtime resurfacing options, it will often save patients from having to do the deeper, heavy duty resurfacing lasers down the road for heavy wrinkling and skin laxity.

50’s and beyond: Is there a tack I can install to keep this skin up?

This is where patients and their skin get SUPER variable. I stop looking at birthdates and just look at the condition of their skin. Someone in their 50s may look 70 and someone who is 70 may look 50. Again, genetics and lifestyle, along with sunscreen usage, can be big players in the game of skin. So generalizations get tough at this point. Deeper lasers with more downtime may be an option. Our Sciton Contour laser is amazing for vertical lips lines, heavy wrinkling and skin laxity, but it also requires more downtime and redness in the subsequent months following. We now have a great filler, Juvederm Volbella, that works wonders for vertical lip lines as a temporary solution for up to a year. Botox is still always a must and one of my first suggestions no matter what decade. Many of my patients come in disheartened, having consults other places, and feeling from those practitioners that it is “too late.” No matter what point they are at in their skin, it is never too late to turn back the clock and make them feel better.

So what is our goal? Our goal is to look like ourselves—maybe just a brighter, tighter and more glowing version. So when I think about suggestions for a patient, I want their coworker to ask if they got their hair done or back from a vacation. Whether it is injectables, lasers, peels, microneedling, or just a good, pampering medical facial, we have options. We offer complimentary consulations to discuss your comfort level, your budget and figure out the future of how to improve your skin.

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