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New to Fillers and Botox®? Find out which one is right for you!

These days it seems like more women are taking the plunge with Dermal Fillers and BOTOX® starting in their mid 20’s.  Social media may be one of the contributors to this trend with more celebrities voicing  their personal  experiences and uses of aesthetic procedures.  The aesthetic industry has also been growing and improving rapidly over the last 30 years, with BOTOX® having been around that long.

If you are new to BOTOX® and Dermal fillers you may be wondering which one to choose or where they are placed. Firstly, BOTOX® and Dermal fillers are two very different products. BOTOX®, is a neurotoxin, that relaxes muscle contraction in the areas injected to temporarily prevent the muscle movement of certain areas of the face. When used aesthetically, BOTOX® is placed between the eyebrows (Glabella), forehead and around the eyes (crows feet). When used in small amounts and injected by a trained professional, BOTOX® is safe and FDA approved for many areas. By ceasing the muscle action wrinkle formation can be prevented or lessened. A BOTOX® treatment will last approximately 3-4 months.

Dermal filler is another group of products that “fill and plump” the tissue rather than relax the muscles. JUVEDERM® and RESTYLANE® are two hyaluronic based fillers that are very popular and widely used.  RADIESSE® is calcium based filler product that is also widely used. Filler is generally used to treat areas of the face such as the cheeks, lips, folds around the nose and marionette lines in the chin area.

How do you know what treatment is right for you? That’s where the physicians at Skin Savvy Aesthetics can help! We provide each patient with an individual assessment and will provide you with recommendations to fit your desired outcome.

For most patients BOTOX® is an excellent starting point and usually becomes a preventative treatment to continue every 3-4 months. Filler can fit a wide spectrum of aesthetic needs for patients, from plumping lips, creating a mini facelift by contouring and lifting the cheeks to softening shadow line around the nose, mouth or chin area. Dermal fillers have expanded rapidly and we now have products to fit most patients needs from a very natural look to dramatic lifting and plumping.

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