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Understanding Turkey Neck Skin & How to Fix It (Without Surgery)

As we age, it’s common for us to become increasingly conscious of signs of aging. One of the most affected areas for both men and women is the neck. 


Thankfully, achieving a youthful neck is easier than you might think. Below, we’ll explain the basics of turkey neck and the most effective strategies to confidently overcome this challenge.

What is Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck (submental skin laxity) is a phrase that’s used to describe saggy, crepey neck skin that’s common with aging. Because of the skin’s looseness, it’s often compared to the look of a turkey. For the most part, this condition happens when your neck skin loses its elasticity and collagen. This results in the sagging and folding excess skin. It’s a very common issue that many men and women face as they go through the natural aging process.

What Causes Turkey Neck?

Aside from aging, turkey neck is usually the result of many factors, such as:


  • Loss of Collagen and Elastin: The collagen and elastin in our skin give it strength and elasticity. But, as we age, the production of these vital proteins decreases. Which, in many cases, leads to loose skin.
  • Sun Exposure: Can accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Thus expediting the neck aging process.
  • Weight Loss: Huge amounts of weight loss can leave behind excess skin in most parts of the body, including the neck area
  • Genetics: Some people have a genetic predisposition to sagging neck skin.

Non-Surgical Ways to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to sagging neck skin. While a neck lift is a common surgical procedure to reverse signs of aging in the neck, there are several non-surgical options as well. Non-surgical methods can range from exercise to Botox and more. 

Exercise & Weight Loss

Strengthening neck muscles through targeted neck exercises can help improve the contour of the neck area. Additionally, weight loss may reduce the amount of neck fat and minimize (or even totally get rid of) double chin, contributing to a more toned appearance.

Cosmetic Treatments

For those who prefer non-surgical methods that are faster (and potentially more effective) than exercise, there are various cosmetic treatments that can improve your neck skin. They include, but aren’t limited to:


  • Botox: This popular and highly effective injectable helps to relax platysmal bands, leading to a smoother neck line.
  • Ultherapy: Non-invasive ultrasound therapy that lifts and tightens neck skin via the stimulation of collagen production.
  • Radiofrequency: Special treatments like Thermage use radiofrequency to boost collagen and improve skin tightening.
  • Fillers: In many cases, injectable fillers help to provide an immediate improvement in the appearance of neck lines and laxity.


Using creams and serums formulated with ingredients to boost collagen production and enhance skin elasticity can also be beneficial. Topical treatments, including retinoids, can promote skin turnover and increase collagen and elastin levels.

What’s the Best Treatment Option for Saggy Neck Skin?

While exercise and weight loss can help, they often don’t fully address loose neck skin. Botox is increasingly recommended for its minimal downtime, high satisfaction rates, affordability, and its ability to temporarily reduce the appearance of neck lines and jowls

Get Rid Of Turkey Neck With Skin Savvy 

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your neck, we’re here to help. We use cutting-edge technology and treatments combined with individualized action plans to ensure you get the results you want. Ready to say goodbye to turkey neck once and for all? Contact us today to schedule your complimentary skincare consultation.

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