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Double Chin…Say Goodbye with Kybella

We finally have a solution in Scottsdale, Az to those stubborn double chins.  It often doesn’t matter how much you work out, that fat pocket under the chin still remains. Double chins or submental fullness can also have a very strong genetic component.  If this is an area of concern for you, you are not alone as 67% of people report they are bothered by their double chin. Until recently the only option to remove this stubborn fat was surgery, although we now have a solution to zap the fat under the chin permanently.  Yes, I said permanent and in most cases this is true. Let me explain how this is all possible.

How does it work?

Kybella is the agent used to remove the fat beneath the chin area. Kybella contains an acid, called Deoxycholic acid, that breaks down the fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed new fat cannot be deposited within those cells. The number of treatments vary for each individual but once the desired look is reached, no further treatments should be necessary.

What to expect?

Kybella treatments in Scottsdale, Az are relatively quick procedures and typically take about 20-30 minutes for the entire procedure. You can go back to work the same day and no systemic anesthetic is needed. The procedure itself involves injections directly into the submental area, where the fat is located.  Post treatment you may experience some swelling, bruising or tenderness which will resolve over the following 5-7 days. Treatments can be scheduled at 1 month intervals and the number of treatments vary according to the patient, with a range of 2-6 treatments being necessary for full effect. We can help determine the number you may need for your desired outcome.

If you are looking to decrease the fullness under your chin revealing a more chiseled jaw line, Kybella in Scottsdale may be the treatment for you. We offer complimentary consultations in Scottsdale, Az to discuss your desired treatment outcomes, as well as any other questions regarding the treatment or other skin care options.

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