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The Highlights of Aesthetic Membership Programs

Aesthetic membership programs are a great perk for consumers who want to stay ahead of the latest beauty trends and get exclusive access to products.

How Customers Can Benefit from Aesthetic Membership Programs

Aesthetic membership programs offer a wide variety of benefits for customers including,

  • Discounts on med spa and cosmetic treatments such as injectables, facials, skincare products, and more
  • Exclusive access to select products
  • Loyalty program rewards

Membership programs make it easier and more affordable for customers to maintain their beauty routine without sacrificing quality or results.

Skin Savvy’s Programs

At Skin Savvy, we understand the importance of offering our loyal customers special membership programs. Our aesthetic membership plans provide clients with access to exclusive treatments and discounts on products and services.

Gold Memberships

Our Gold Membership is a $79 monthly membership that includes 10% off full-priced retail and laser treatments, free weekly B12 shots, and a Skin Savvy Classic Facial monthly.

Diamond Memberships

The Diamond Membership has a $149 monthly membership fee. Diamond members receive $10/unit of Botox/Dysport, and $50 off any full filler syringe. Additionally, members can select from one of the following premium facials each month: Diamond Glow Classic, Fire and Ice Facial, Microneedling Classic, and Photofacial Face.

Our wellness membership requires a three-month commitment program, you can request a cancellation anytime after.

Join Skin Savvy’s Aesthetic Membership Program Today

Our aesthetic membership programs are a great way to save money on treatments and get exclusive access to products. Join today and experience the benefits of Skin Savvy’s Aesthetic Membership Program.


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